CALGARY, AB | November 21, 2018

Responsive Practice

Simple, Practical and (highly) Impactful Strategies and Tools for Helping Professionals

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You got into the field because you care, and you do your best to help the people you serve. 

But you work in an imperfect system in an imperfect world, and there are times when you just can't seem to reach the person across from you: 

  • the "resistant client" or the "oppositional youth".
  • the compliant person who agrees with everything you say but who doesn't improve. 
  • the client who attends for one or two sessions and simply disappears.
  • the student who's cutting classes and isn't connected to the school, and parents who don't engage or return your calls. 

It can leave you wondering if you've had any impact at all. 

Responsive Practice was developed to be portable, adaptable and operational within and across all human services including addictions, mental health, child welfare, youth justice, education, health, child and youth care, early education and homelessness. And it was developed specifically to both improve your impact and engage the people you serve in a more meaningful experience.  


The Big Impact Academy is a deep learning experience for people who are on a mission to create positive change in their world. We bring you a wide range of events, webinars and coaching opportunities to build leadership capacity, improve design thinking and innovation processes, measure and communicate your impact.

We're thrilled to bring you an immersive event with Stephen de Groot, Kelly Waters-Radcliffe and Jeff Couillard, three dynamic presenters and the co-founders of the Responsive Approach.

What is the 'Responsive Approach'? 

Responsive Practice (RP) (de Groot, Couillard, Waters-Radcliffe, 2017) is a relationship-based, values-centred, strengths-focused and feedback-informed approach for working with individuals, groups and organizations. 

We'll be exploring the Foundations of Responsive Practice;

  • The Foundational Beliefs about People, Behaviour and Problems
  • The Three Great States for Connection and Engagement
  • Working from a Relationship-Based perspective, especially in an industry that often focuses on practices and programs instead of people.
  • Being Power-Aware; we'll explore issues related to the "power dynamic" through the Right Use of Power ethical framework.
  • Meaning Making; how understanding the "CORE4" motivators makes all areas of our work easier, more engaging and meaningful.
  • Values-Centred practice, and how to make sure that values come "off of the wall" and into your daily activities.
  • How to identify, build and leverage a Strengths-Focus in the pursuit of meaningful goals
  • Feedback Informed; how to engage your clients and students as active participants in their own journey, and ensure that your impact lines up with your intention

Who should attend?

The Responsive Approach is designed for anyone who finds themselves in the position of providing care to other people, or leading teams in the helping profession. This particular workshop is intended for educators, front line practitioners, clinicians and team leads. The principles, strategies and tactics that the presenters will bring to life in their engaging and practical session are immediately applicable in a wide range of relationships and contexts.



Clinical Lead

Attainability Group

Kelly is a registered psychologist, family therapist and seasoned trainer. His specialties include Right Use of Power, Ethical Decision Making, Client-Centered care and Non-Violent Communication. Kelly is extremely adept at helping people identify and clarify their needs, values and strengths in relation to whatever challenge is at hand.



Attainability Group & the Big Impact Academy

Jeff Couillard, founder of the Big Impact Academy and principal of Attainability Group (a boutique consulting firm focused on building incredible teams) is an experienced leader, speaker and facilitator.



Myriad Consulting Ltd.

An expert and authority on human behavior, performance, organizational climate, culture, development and leadership, Stephen DeGroot maintains an exceptional track record in results. As an international speaker, Stephen has addressed more than 30,000 people across 7 different countries.

What are people saying?

I have worked with Jeff Couillard in various capacities over nearly a decade. Jeff has a very unique and inspiring style, which I have seen produce phenomenal results over the years with respect to change management and conflict resolution. He is exceptionally knowledgeable without ego getting in the way, and facilitates in an empowering, positive style. He has an unassuming style, yet delivers world class facilitation. I would have no hesitation recommending him to collaborate with and empower your team!

- Lisa Graham, HR Advisor, Town of Cochrane

Kelly provided an excellent session on how to practically engage clients and staff in the development and implementation of "progress monitoring" in a treatment program. He de-mystified the whole process and made me realize what's possible.

- Participant, Wilderness Therapy Symposium 2015

I wanted to let you guys know how much I got out of your programs. The information you both engraved on us had so many applications that I am already using some methods of position of power with parents and teachers while also respecting what motivates and drives our teachers to allow them to feel more fulfilled and engaged in the pedagogical practice.

- Brent Legault, Rockyview School Division

Jeff is an excellent presenter; organized, engaging and calm in his approach. I always look forward to his workshops which are filled with concrete, personal and professional examples.

- Chantal Daymiko, Chinook's Edge School Division

Stephen is passionate, engaging, knowledgeable and skilled. He delivers great information and tools, but more importantly he delivers real life! I highly recommend his training for people that are responsible for the well-being of children and youth.

- Billie Schibler, Former Child Advocate, Office of the Children’s Advocate, Manitoba Canada

The total experience with Steve is beyond words. It is mind blowing! The training and the immediate, positive and profound impacts on staff and staff teams is like nothing I’ve experienced in more than 30 years in the field.

- Gail Steeds, Probation Manager, Youth Justice Services, Ottawa Ontario Canada

"I want to say that it is relevant to me as a human being first, and second as a leader."

- Joan Green, Calgary Reads


The Big Impact Academy's "Reponsive Approach" is a one day hands-on and immersive session for practitioners in the helping professions (frontline, clinicians, team leads, educators, counsellors, etc).

Wednesday, November 14th:

8am-8:30am: Registration and coffee/tea

8:30am-12pm: Responsive Practice

12pm-1pm: Bring your own lunch

1pm-4:30pm: Responsive Practice cont.

What we'll be covering:

This one day workshop was developed for educators, clinicians, team leaders and frontline practitioners in a variety of helping service fields; including child welfare, justice, child and youth care, youth homelessness, education and health. It consists of a highly interactive, inspiring and practical day of learning. 

We'll be using a variety of tools and activities to engage in a conversation about power, relationship, strengths, feedback, motivation and engagement AND how it all manifests in your practice with the people you serve and work alongside.

You'll leave with;

  • A deeper understanding and awareness of your own "role power", and how it manifests in your practice.
  • Several practical activities to undertake with your team to open a conversation about responsiveness and feedback; and how they affect your relationships within the team and your clients.
  • An ability to identify and work with the power dynamics in your practice with clients and within your organization.
  • Practical strategies and tools to operationalize your values, enhance your client-centred practice and improve your team's outcomes.

**Hours and venue are subject to change. Please check back for updates.


Registering more than five teammates? Send us a note and we'll chat about special pricing. 


Lakeview Community Association

6110 34 ST, Calgary, AB

Nov. 21, 2018 


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