Responsive Leadership and The Right Use of Power 

Practical Strategies for Improving Employee Engagement and Organizational Outcomes

October 26 and 27th, 2017

Calgary, AB

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The Big Impact Academy is a deep learning experience, an atypical innovation accelerator, and a mastermind group experience for leaders at charities, nonprofits, and NGOs. We bring you a wide range of events, webinars and coaching opportunities to build leadership capacity, improve design thinking and innovation processes, measure and communicate your impact.

We're thrilled to bring you an immersive event with Stephen de Groot, author of Responsive Leadership, sought after keynote speaker, consultant and transformation architect at Myriad Consulting and Jeff Couillard, Founder at Attainability Group and Advanced Right Use of Power facilitator. 

By combining the Right Use of Power framework with the intensely practical and powerful strategies and tactics within Responsive Leadership, we're bringing you a transformative 2-day experience that will give you the skills to deepen employee engagement, improve performance across your organization and increase your responsive leadership skills.  


Designed to provide optimal learning and practical strategies, Responsive Leadership modules are simple, practical, impactful and immediately operational. Designed for every level of management, Responsive Leadership combines the latest research on leadership effectiveness, the last three decades of Work Motivation Theory and feedback from over 4000+ managers.  

Responsive Leadership and The Right Use of Power operates within the scope of strengths and value based principles, providing a moral and ethical leadership foundation that is simple, practical and immediately operational in practice . The results-oriented modules;  

  • Provide insight, awareness and practical strategies to understand and utilize your "role power" as a leader
  • Enhance your ability to hold yourself and others accountable to shared values and expections 
  • Enhance team engagement, motivation and commitment 
  • Increase job performance and job satisfaction for you and your employees
  • Build organizational commitment and organizational citizenship
  • Accelerate your organization's journey to "best in class" service provider


Responsive Leadership and The Right Use of Power is perfect for anyone who finds themselves in the position of leading others in the helping profession. Team leads, supervisors, managers, directors, CEO's and Board Members will all find incredible value in the principles, strategies and tactics that Jeff and Steve will bring to life in this engaging and practical conference.

We recommend bringing multiple people from your organization (across programs, departments and job titles), as the learning, discussion and possibilities that emerge from a Big Impact Academy workshop will quickly accelerate your organizations journey towards a strengths-based, values-focused and client-centered approach to helping.



President and Founder

Myriad Consulting

As the Founder and President of Myriad Consulting, Stephen holds two important and purposeful intentions: which are to enhance the quality and experience of the people being served as clients and; to enhance the quality, value and meaning of the people providing that service.  

An expert and authority on human behavior, performance, organizational climate, culture, development and leadership, Stephen maintains an exceptional track record in results. He has worked with and provided services for over 200 organizations in both the human services and corporate sectors and is the author of Responsive Leadership in Social Services (2015) A SAGE publication. As an international speaker, Stephen has addressed more than 30,000 people across 7 different countries.



Attainability Group & the Big Impact Academy

Jeff Couillard, founder of the Big Impact Academy and principal of Attainability Group (a boutique consulting firm focused on building incredible teams) is an experienced leader in the nonprofit, education and community sectors. His vision is to help people (and organizations) change for the better. From leading multi-disciplinary professionals to facilitating change management, keynote addresses to small group facilitation, Jeff has a knack for engaging teams in the conversations that matter.

He is a certified Advanced Right Use of Power instructor and sought after trainer and speaker. 

What are people saying?

Steve has the highest evaluations of any trainer in the Youth Justice sector in the province of Ontario. He leaves an inspiring, motivating and powerful mark on all people he works with. He has helped us take our service to the next level. I highly recommend him, to any province or sector that wants to improve services for youth.

- Lucia Lee, Executive Director, Murray McKinnon Foundation, Oshawa Ontario, Canada

“Stephen de Groot is to Human Services Leadership, as Gabor Mate is to Addictions. I would rank him as the absolute best trainer I have ever experienced. His Responsive Leadership Conference had a profound impact on me and the staff that attended. We refer to the book regularly and I find our members quoting Steve’s words and the material constantly in conversations. The paradigm shift and impact were immediate; we are making it a part of our culture and the way we practice.”

- Lisa Graham, HR Manager, Enviros

Jeff is an excellent presenter; organized, engaging and calm in his approach. I always look forward to his workshops which are filled with concrete, personal and professional examples.

- Chantal D., Family School Wellness, Chinook's Edge School Division

There was more value in this one-hour talk with Stephen de Groot than most leadership development programs! His presentation was AWESOME!

- Noel Mattson, VP Engineering, Melet Plastics Inc.

Jeff successfully facilitated a series of thoughtfully planned professional learning workshops that challenged us as a staff to examine what it means to be part of a team. Through his focus around the importance of Non Violent Communication (NVC), Jeff fostered meaningful dialogue about creating a culture of empathy, understanding, and respect in interactions at every level of our school community.

- Sarah C., Teacher, Rockyview School Division


The Big Impact Academy's "Responsive Leadership and The Right Use of Power " is a two day hands-on and immersive session for leadership teams in the non-profit sector.  

Thursday, October 26th:

Friday, October 27th:

8am-9am: Registration and light breakfast

9am-12pm: Workshop

12pm-1pm: Catered lunch

1pm-4:30pm: Workshop cont.

8am-9am: Registration and light breakfast

9am-12pm: Workshop 

12pm-1pm: Catered lunch

1pm-4:30pm: Workshop cont.

Topics include (but aren't limited to):

  • Identify and connect to your own personal/professional leadership purpose 
  • Develop an understanding and awareness of the role that power dynamics play in connecting or disconnecting your team, including the three types of power, up and down power and "acts of power" in the workplace
  • Review and connect with desired outcomes, including preferred staff and program outcomes
  • Identify various work related challenges that result in workers who present as “resistant”, “disconnected” or “burnt-out”, and the role that Right Use of Power strategies play in leveraging these challenges into opportunities
  • Understand the inextricable link between staff outcomes, practice decisions and organizational outcomes
  • Review and learn about the Preferred Leadership Profile (PLP); a worker-responsive assessment and development tool used for discovering and developing staff capacity
  • Understand the critical role power and relationships play in effective leadership and quality supervision
  • Develop and utilize practical "right use of power" strategies to create optimal conditions for strengthened relationships
  • Learn about and practice strengths based strategies for developing resource possibilities for staff capacity building
  • Learn an effective strategy for decreasing and/or effectively eliminating resistive and oppositional employee behavior
  • Build skill and learn practical strategies for giving, receiving and using feedback to improve relationships
  • Develop new awareness with your own self care and the ethics of employee wellness 


The Kahanoff Centre

105 12th Avenue SE

Calgary AB

Phone: (403) 262-1224

Our Big Impact Academy workshop will be held at the beautiful Kahanoff Centre in downtown Calgary, AB.


*We recommend bringing multiple people from your organization (across programs, departments and job titles), as the learning, discussion and possibilities that emerge from a Big Impact Academy workshop will quickly accelerate your organizations journey towards a strengths-based, values-focused and client-centred approach to helping. 

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